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Fade The Edges Of A Picture

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Hey, I'm completly new to editing with this particular program. And I the exact same issue as this thread: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/17832-gradient-tool-and-layers/

The problem is that even though I have the help of that thread I still can't figure out how to fade the edges in the way I want to, I can fade them one by one in each layer and then select all, but the result is very unsymmetrical, and the fade effect starts to late and it's in too much quantity.

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Hi Lumbrales! Welcome!

Without seeing what you're trying to recreate, it sounds like you need a vignette type of effect. There are a couple of plugins that can do this for you, or there is the gradient tool.

Flatten your image so that the layers you wish to fade are on one layer then select the gradient tool :GradientTool: and set the mode to Radial. While you're hovering about in the Tool Bar, reset the Color/Transparency mode to Transparency.

Click in the centre of your image and hold the mouse down. Drag outwards.


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