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How to extricate sentense from this picture?

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Quite so. Therefore this thread will be moved to the Paint.NET Discussion & questions section.

@Lis16: Is it absolutely essential you have that text? I'm thinking it would be less work to recreate it from scratch. You could try using the Text tool :TextTool: to type in the text on a new layer (Antialiasing disabled will make it look chunky, choose a font that looks similar). Then try applying the pixelate effect (Effects | Distort | Pixelate).


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I got it fairly well with Find Edges found in the Artistic file. Move the slider down to about 10. Then go to Adjustments and choose Invert Colors. From there It should be an easy thing to hand paint your image.

Hope this works for you.

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Primary = White. Secondary = Black. Paint Bucket + Right click. Text Tool (Arial @ 12pt). Type. Zoom 800%. Prnt Scrn, Ctrl + Shift + V. Crop to size:

yhsjjie-56.png NB: Spelling error - oops!

As I said, it's a lot less work to just retype it.

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