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paint.net book?

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I was at my local Barnes & Noble today & happened by the impressive array of photoshop books. It made me wish that there was a book explaining how to use paint.net. I use it pretty infrequently & seem to always have to re-learn stuff every time.

Someone w/more energy than me should package up some of the tutorials and publish them, and maybe donate a portion of the proceeds to the paint.net team...

Just a thought.



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Well, if someone wanted to publish a book with the tutorials they'd need to get permission from each tutorial author first. Same thing if they wanted to distribute plugins or language packs: gotta get permission from the author, as Paint.NET's license does not automatically extend to them.

But yeah, not a bad idea :) Maybe someday someone will do a book.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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Well... Over the break... and through january, i realy have nothing to do... I may start contacting authors of the tutorials, and pluginns, and see if i can write a little "basics" ebook.... obviously i'am not the best, but i do have a author in the family (my aunt) that can go over everything after i get it all done... so i'll give it a little go... haha

(everyone is thinking "omg this one is going to be bad")


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