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Need Alpha Mask Plugin

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Am trying to follow this tutorial:

At 1.41 he selects "alpha mask"

Can some one tell me which plugin this is - which one of these from the index:

Alpha Mask Import (1.2) - Illnab1024

Turn an image into an alpha mask. If the image has color, it is converted to greyscale.

Alpha Transform 1.1 - DW-dev

Pixels below the lower limit get alpha set to 0 (fully transparent). Pixels above the upper limit get alpha set to 255 (fully opaque). Pixels in between get alpha between 0 and 255 depending on their brightness.

Alpha Transform v1.0 - DW.dev

Superseded by a later release: Alpha Transform 1.1

AlphaMask Brush v1.7 - Simon Brown

No longer supported: draw an alpha-mask directly onto an image.



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This is not a tutorial - so it does not belong in the tutorial section.

<Moved to Paint.NET Discussion & Questions>

In answer to your question, I believe that the first plugin is the one you want. This is the plugin generally referred to as "Alpha Mask".

Note: that I'm unable to play the video from my present location so I'm unable to confirm the identity of the plugin.

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