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Tag data being lost in Windows 7

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I've used Paint.net for quite a while now, and I LOVE it. It's amazingly fast and wonderful as a free alternative to the basics of Photoshop. However, I've recently started trying to get the tens of thousands of pictures I have stored under at least a semblance of control. As such, I've started using metadata tags for the pictures that support it natively (primarily .jpeg until .png gets a final decision made). What I've found is that a picture has a set of tags stored, I go and edit it in Paint.net, save it at 100% size to preserve the original compression and whatnot, and then the tags are gone. Is there any plan to allow for the tags to be kept for simple edits like cropping and such?

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First of all, there's a much better way to do that. Saving as .JPEG is a lossy image format, so you're losing data every time you save. .PNG is lossless, so you should save in .PNG (maybe using the OptiPNG plugin, if space is an issue) or .PDN as you're editing.

Now, as to your actual question: Paint.NET doesn't handle Metadata correctly, it's true. For now, I recommend a batch image processor like IrfanView. Maybe in 4.0, there'll be a metadata editor.


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I seem to recall Rick explaining that the Metadata tags weren't cast in concrete. Perhaps I have this wrong.

What I am more certain about is that Paint.NET preserves metadata where possible:

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