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resize problem - distortion occurs

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NN is spot on and I'd like to offer a little more on things that will happen when you reduce an image dimensionally.

PDN has four methods to accomplish this. Each is offered for varying results. The default (super sampling) comes as close as possible in most cases to compressing the image into a new one that will look like , but is not actually, the same image. All three methods are not perfect reproductions. They simply cannot be the case unfortunately.

In some cases what you display on your screen using PDN at 50% will not be the same as when you re-size the image to 50%. Just a handful of pixels, but on several occasions I've cut out screen-shots at 50% displayed reduction to eliminate artifacts that only show up when doing the same level of reduction using the included methods.

The aspect ratio reductions have to be carefully done as well. If you take an image that is 357 pixels square and reduce it 50%, you will not end up with perfect reproduction at 179 pixels square. The rounding up or down of the fractions on this and especially uneven images as well as ratios that are inherently lossy (like 33%) have to be considered in the source dimensions.

Then if you opt to use a lossy compression format like JPG, or GIF, any distortion and artifacts from these sorts of compression issues when resizing may be amplified even more.

The more esoteric considerations is that images with lots of chaos often reduce to things less recognizable. If there is finite detail, like that Kubotan that you want to remain recognizable, you may have to consider working with larger images to display enough detail for the person to recognize the item.

Again, this is just information provided in hopes of eliciting conversation and are not meant to be absolute or 100% accurate representations of everything that may be affecting your outcome. Quality of source images, etc all have impacts. I'm just thinking out loud in the rare chance it may be helpful.


Gallery at PDN-Fans

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@ Rick Brewster

The issue was the blurring of the pic, the resizing part was cool.

So I figured I must of been doing it wrong.

I took it to a computer with a different program and resized it down and the result was no noticeable loss.

@ nitenurse79

Yes, I had checked the maintain aspect ratio. ( I was thinking the same thing too).

@ delpart

I think the rounding up or down of the fractions may be my answer.

I will also try other compression format instead of JPG, or GIF,

I started with my original and cropped way down


Next I applied the math to the resize as you suggested and it worked great.

I am sure there is still a loss because I can only apply whole numbers to the resize, but for this application it works.




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Resizing the image downward will always lose information -- thus, it will probably be subjectively "blurrier." This becomes more apparent if you resize a resized image. It's better to go from 100% -> 25% than it is to go 100% -> 50% -> 25%.

One thing to note is that some other applications also apply a small sharpening filter after resizing. Paint.NET does not do this, but you can easily do it manually.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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