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easy single-pixel selection?

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When working with small images (e.g. buttons for websites) it's really convenient to select single pixels. For me I do this most frequently when trying to round the corners of web graphics by putting a few transparent pixels at the corners. Anyway, is there an easy way to select a single pixel? Ideally, I could use Rectangle Select or Lasso Select and just double-click on the pixel in question and it would be selected.

Possible to do this easily?

And possible to add my "double-click single pixel to select it" as a feature request for next version? Thanks!

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Kaiser - Yep, I'm already running very zoomed (3200%), and can already use rectangle select to select a pixel. But I'd love a way to select one pixel without having to be as careful with the mouse-- invariably half the time I select an extra pixel or don't select any pixels when I'm just trying to select one.

I was hoping for an easier way, like double-clicking on that pixel to select it. Even better if you could hold down the control key and double click other pixels and it'd add each pixel to the selection. (Like you can do in powerpoint or word when you want to do mulitple selection)

Crosswalker's suggestion to use magic wand is a good one, but in practice I find that doesn't work too often since down at the pixel level the wand often brings in more than one pixel.

Bob's suggestion to use the pencil and color picker is also a good one when drawing single pixels-- but I most often need this to select a single pixel so that I can turn that pixel transparent (using the Del key). Is there a quick way to draw one transparent pixel? I realize I could draw a pixel with zero alpha, but AFAIK that doesn't erase what's underneath so that won't actually turn that pixel transparent.

Thanks again for all the suggestions... I realize now that "easier 1-pixel selection" is probably a feature suggestion for the next version and for now I'll just have to be more careful with my mouse using Rect selection. :-)

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You can set colors to be transparent. In the Color palette, hit "More >>" and, at the bottom right-hand corner, there's a slider labelled "Transparency - Alpha." If you drag the slider all the way to the left, or set the value to "0," then you can draw transparent pixels.

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