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I know I'm going to get yelled at for this... but I couldn't find it. =\

I once saw that it was possible to change your defaults on 3.0, but when I searched for it again I couldn't find it. So, if anyone can help me, how do you change your default settings for Paint.NET 3.0 (Ex: disabled antialiasing when you start pdn).

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I am also interested in the storage location for the default canvas size parameter that is applied to a 'New' file.

Recently I started a new file and resized the canvas; now this new size is being used as my default for all new images. Unfortunatly, I would rather my 'New' images start at the original default (or that I could change the default). I've tried to establish a new default by using the same process, but have not been sucessful.

I'm running v3.0beta

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