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  1. No Problem. It's Surprisingly Fun to Make Giant Sized Tuts About How To Stretch Blackness.
  2. I Don't Expect You To Get It Perfect BTW, But Much Thanks For It. Steps For Unpefrectness: 1. New 400x400 Image 2. Make New Layer 3. Horizontal Line With Width Of 20 in middle 4. run rect to polar 5. run codelab script It's Still Pretty **** Good In My Opinion. EDITED: This is a family friendly site. Please reserve the cussing for your mother. ~BoltBait
  3. Haha, Nice One Illnab. Very Good. (Not Perfect But Meh)
  4. I'm Trying To Make This Work. int Amount1=0; //[0,100]Slider 1 Description int Amount2=0; //[0,100]Slider 2 Description int Amount3=0; //[0,100]Slider 3 Description void Render(Surface dst, Surface src, Rectangle rect) { PdnRegion selectionRegion = EnvironmentParameters.GetSelection(src.Bounds); Surface dst = dstArgs.Surface; Rectangle selection = this.EnvironmentParameters.GetSelection(src.Bounds).GetBoundsInt(); long CenterX = (long)(((selection.Right - selection.Left) / 2)+selection.Left); long CenterY = (long)(((selection.Bottom - selection.Top) / 2)+selection.Top);
  5. Ummm... Just Stopping By Again, Been A While Since I Logged In And Posted, Smashboards Have Been Ruling Me... Nice Plugin BTW.
  6. Nice Tut, Though I Disagree With GR Being The Best Renders Site, I'm Not Sure If You'll Think This One Is Better Or Not But I Like It More. Ciao.
  7. Nice Tut, Though I Disagree With GR Being The Best Renders Site, I'm Not Sure If You'll Think This One Is Better Or Not But I Like It More. Ciao.
  8. Here's My Laptop, I Overclock a lot. And Run MANY MANY Programs At Once But Meh. Running ngen... The system cannot find the path specified. PdnBench v3.0.2573.22452 Running in 32-bit mode on x86 OS Processor: 1x Mobile AMD Sempron(tm) Processor 3000+ Memory: 638 MB Using 1 threads. Loading image ... (1024 x 768) done Rotate/Zoom at 0.00 degrees (3x) ... 1733 milliseconds Rotate/Zoom at 70.00 degrees (3x) ... 1847 milliseconds Rotate/Zoom at 140.00 degrees (3x) ... 1813 milliseconds Rotate/Zoom at 210.00 degrees (3x) ... 1624 milliseconds Rotate/Zoom at 280.00 degrees (3x) ... 2160 m
  9. They Are? Here's A Temporary Solution, http://www.benlodder.com/ShadowEffect.dll I'll Delete It If I'm Not Supposed To Host It On My Site.
  10. I, You Depressed Yet? I, I, I... or If You Mean You Make Yourself Depressed, Hey Look! Over There, It's usedHONDA!!! EDIT: Sorry Guys, I Just Had To.
  11. Same, Red Hat Guy 2, Public Beta 2 - Download - Rename To RHG2.EXE I Lost #1 And This Was Before I Knew The Code It'd Be Gone If I Were Able To Delete It. It Doesn't Have The Extension Because My School Blocks EXE Downloads And Everybody Wanted To Play It Dunno Why..... EDIT: WTF It Says It Don't Exist I'll Re-Upload It Soon. EDIT 2: I Finally Got Round To It, The Game Can Be Found Here.
  12. Worked For Me Too, But Only After I Downloaded The New DLL.
  13. PdNs Shortcut For Inverting Selections Is Ctrl+I, Ctrl+Shift+I Inverts The Colors.
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