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  1. Perhaps a little advanced (maybe later in the year)...would be creative to have them make 'box art' for a fictitious game or product. Like an XBOX, PS3, cereal box, magazine cover...something like that. Maybe you could have grades based on 1) main focus (person/object) 2) text design 3) background design 4) overall composition edit to add: Maybe these can be built up over the many assignments. Background...text...then pull it all together in the end.
  2. While I have been able to make some neat text using this tutorial, I am still struggling to understand this part Each time I repeat the clouds effect it seems to me that the entire layer is discarded and reseeded. So for clarification, is the tutorial suggesting that you should: 1. keep reseeding until you arrive at a cloud pattern that results in the desired whispy look, or 2. repeating the clouds effect suppose to progressivly modify the layer until a whispy look is achieved?
  3. I'll take that as a compliment!! btw this logo was 100%
  4. Thank you for the feedback. edit 1/6 I've added a revised version as well as second off text version that needs to be further improved.
  5. I think something like this was sucessfully implemented with the 'dents' and 'sphere' effects being placed in the 'distort' flyout menu. Perhaps some clue about how this was accomplished can be gleaned from that plugin ( As an aside, both of those effects don't have related icons.
  6. Wow, that was a fast reply. Thank you!! Okay, I did the following 1) Set canvas size to the default I wanted 2) 'Select All' 3) Copy ...tada.
  7. I am also interested in the storage location for the default canvas size parameter that is applied to a 'New' file. Recently I started a new file and resized the canvas; now this new size is being used as my default for all new images. Unfortunatly, I would rather my 'New' images start at the original default (or that I could change the default). I've tried to establish a new default by using the same process, but have not been sucessful. I'm running v3.0beta