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Custom Brush mini question

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I see lots of people praising this add on and i used it regularly myself too. However, I think there is something that I'm not seeing because I don't find it to be very helpful. In fact it basically ruins my productivity to the point I now take brushes and open them directly in PAINT.net. I just save the image file into a folder i call custom brushes and use insert new layer to load them.

My issue is with the functions of the add on. I hope someone can tell me what i'm doing wrong. I find the positioning of the brush to be akin to a game of pin the tail on the donkey. It usually lands somewhere close but seldom in the exact position. Once the stroke is made it can't be resized, flipped, moved, recoloured. Is that correct? So i need at least 3 copies of each brush stored to cover vert/horizontal flips?

I realise it's an add on and not a drawing suite but I don't see the point of it. It appears to be a harddrive storage folder for cut and paste.

No disrespect intended to the developer. I'm trying to point out my lack of understanding of the add on. This is not in any way a review.

Thank you.

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Hi xombieware, welcome to the forum.

In order to have your issues addressed, please raise the issue in the thread related to the Custom Brushes plugin. That's Here.


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