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Just wondering if there's a way to change the tool that Paint.net opens with to be something besides the paintbrush. My first few actions after opening the program are, invariably:

1. try to make a selection

2. undo the black line I've just put through the middle of whatever photo I was editing

3. choose the rectangle select tool

Would LOVE an option to be able to specify the "on launch" default tool, and I can imagine others would like this as well.

Just a thought,



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The "Choose Defaults" dialog allows you to set your default startup tool, as well as the default settings for the tools that have them. You can access this dialog by clicking the "Tool" button on the far left of the toolbar. It is the first option.

You can read more about these settings on this page of the Paint.NET online Documentation.

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Like CMD says, you can already do this ... alas, it's basically hidden and hard to discover.

Rest assured, it'll be easier to find in paint.net 4. It's part of the Settings dialog.

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Crazy Man Dan is incorrect. The location of the default setting can be found by clicking the "Settings" icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen. From there, click "Tools" on the left hand menu of that dialog box and then select the desired "Default tool" from the drop down box to the right.

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