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.abr issues with Custom Brushes

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I asked this in the Custom Brush thread, but never got an answer, so I'm hoping I will here.

I can't seem to find a free program that will allow me to to open and use .abr files when downloading custom brushes. Are there any that anyone could point me in the right direction? I'm getting pretty frustrated, which is making it that much harder to figure things out. I'm a computer dummy, so a walkthrough would be greatly appreciated. ^_^

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Thank you Ego, that's a great start. I managed to get the ABRView (finally!), so I can preview the brushes at least. I'll see if I can get myself to the next step from here.

Thanks a ton!

EDIT: Okay, no go. *sigh* I can see the brushes, but I can't use them. Now what? :(

EDIT2: Wait, I think I got it. I must have been looking in the wrong folder. I kept going back to the download folder, instead of the newly created ABRViewImages folder. *sigh* I'm such a dummy. lol

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Keep persevering! Custom Brushes is worth the effort boltbait.big_smile.png

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