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Where do I ask these questions??

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Please explain this tool, what does the magic wand tool do on PAINT.NET. Please state simply, the instructions make NO sense at all. What is it for? I need to know What it is for b4 I can follow the instructions referring to me doing something I have no clue about, since I can not be doing it, as I do not know what the function of this tool is. 6 words (or 10) or less, first please???

Or perhaps some one can tell me what has happened to the once great function on Adobe software called smudge? Unless I was dreaming, this was a simple function that would allow one to rub two different colored or shaded areas together, to blend them subtly into one color. This allowed one to blend a color or fix a big flaw, with out days of screwing around fixing 1000s of pixels one by one. I am trying to take the shadow out of the background in a picture, I just need to blend the two colors of white together to get rid of the shadow. Any help?

Also, why is crop command gone on my paint.net? It will not work. It is there, but it is lite (gone) and will not work.

Perhaps this software is simple or great to use but the instructions make no sense at all. Please help.

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Essentially, the Magic Wand selects areas of a color.

There you go, five words. Now a few more for clarification: If, for example, you click on a red part of the image, the tool will create a selection expanding outwards from that point of any red pixels next to it, continuing to do so until it hits a different color. The Tolerance slider in the toolbar determines how picky it is on how close the color has to be to the first pixel you clicked before it stops selecting.

Honestly, the easiest way to see what it does is to play with it - draw a black Filled Shape on the white background of a new image, switch to the Magic Wand, and click inside and outside the shape. The tool expands out until it hits the boundary between the colors, essentially selecting the shape or everything outside the shape.

As for Smudge, it is not built in to Paint.NET, but you can install a plugin that allows you to smudge a layer.

You can find out more about the plugin here:

In the future, try giving http://searchpaint.net a shot. Searching "Smudge" returns the plugin you need as the first result.

Regarding Cropping, there is no dedicated cropping tool, but there is Crop To Selection. The command does exactly what it says: crops the image to the size of the active selection. When an active selection exists, the button on the toolbar becomes clickable. So, to crop a photo, use the :RectangleSelectTool: Rectangle Select Tool to draw a rectangle around the part of the image you want to keep, then hit Image > Crop To Selection or the Crop To Selection button on the toolbar.

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The Magic Wand tool allows you to select areas of similar color

Surely that is a reasonably simple explanation?

Press F1 in Paint.net to be taken to these online help files. There you will find many helpful guides to the tools and effects that Paint.net has.

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