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Curved Text

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I would like to type some text in a curved format.

Can someone help?

Another thing I would like to do,, (not knowing if it is possible) but anyway.. I would like to draw a line,, curved.. and then type text on the page.. then cut and paste the text, letter by letter on the curved line that I drew.. then when done,, remove the line,, leaving just the text in the shape of the line that I drew.


Thanks to you all that give your time and knowledge so freely.



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With a post count of 59 you should know by now that the Newbie Playground is a sub forum of the Tutorials section.

This is NOT the place to post your inquiry.

<Moved to GD&Q>

Now in answer to your query about curved text, try Dpy's plugin pack: dpy's Pack

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I honestly don't know - but if you did then we Mods have been very patient with you! :mrgreen:

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