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Is there a tut for something like this?

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Hi, new to creating things like this but very fascinated by it. Can someone give me their take on how they think these 2 banners were created, I can not find anything in the forums dealing with cropping and adding multiple layers, adding glow, and text also. I know its pretty complex but after viewing some of the images made with Paint.Net I have faith it can be done here. Thank you.



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First image:

http://forums.getpai...ing-out-images/ = Learn how to separate image elements (i.e. players) from the background.

Drop Shadow, Color Accent, Gradient,…KrisVDM's plugin Pack = plugin for the shadowing behind the players.

Outline Object v2.6 = To create the coloured outlines around the text & players.

Second image:

Cutting out images from above.

Adjustments > Black & White to make the background a greyscale.

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