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font and text color

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hi i'm new here and feel a little stupid asking a stupid question like this.but i'm make some signs for my veggie stand for when we open. the problem I'M having is that I can change the font size ok but after I go back and try to add color to were i want it on the text won't let me do a thing

thanks for any help

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The text tool uses the primary color to render the text. If you want multiple colors in text, you're probably best to write the text out in one color then recolor the letters you wish to have a different color.

Note: once the text is written, it cannot be re-edited using the text tool. For this reason, follow Sarkut's advice and put your text on its own layer. Different fonts and sizes of text should each have their own layer. The theory is that if you need to make a change, you need only retype the text on one layer.

As your text is probably fairly large, the paint bucket :PaintBucket: is another method that will allow you to recolor individual letters.

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