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I need some help . . .

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Hey there :) I've been looking around for the right plug in, and since I couldn't find one, I decided to make an account and ask the people who know the program the best. You guys :P So I know a person that uses paint.net, and I asked them what plug ins they used . . . they said I had to "be resourceful" and "figure it out" so, I guess I'm doing that . . . the picture below is what I want to figure out what they used for.

I mostly want to figure out how to do the stars, and see the pets? I want to figure out how to get them in the boxes like that . . . that's about it I guess :)


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Hm...It's a small picture and I can't see well, but IMHO, it looks as if the stars are photoshop brushes. For that, you'll need "Custom Brushes Mini" and this program(to open the brushes)...You can download them from a bunch of places...Personally, I use deviantart. You can search around and find similar brushes.

Although...it's possible to get a similar effect with pyrochild's "Random Shape Fill"

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The fonts Wingdings1 & Wingdings2 both have stars that you can use as parts of your image. I'm sure there are many more fonts that also have stars.

Download and install the WhichSymbol+ plugin (link in my signature), help on plugin installation here: how to install plugins...,.

Simply create a new layer :AddNewLayer: above your image and then go to the Effects menu, submenu Render & click on the WhichSymbol entry. Select the font and character you want and press OK.

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