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Equation's plugin

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The Equation's plugin doesn't seem to work for me. I can't remember if it ever did, but then again, I don't ever remember using it.

So, I just want to know if a later update of PDN broke the plugin, or if I should just go about reinstalling it.

Right now it does nothing. Literally. Enter in an equation and nothing happens. However the text box below it does report some error. It's too long for me to tell you what it is though, as in the error extends beyond the length of the text box, so there's no way for me to read the whole thing.

It says something like "Paint Dot Net requires ... dll...."

Which is why I thought maybe a newer update broke it :P

Thanks for your time.

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The Equations plugin does work in the latest release of Paint.Net.

You should know by now that questions about plugins should be posted in the thread related to that plugin.


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