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  1. Happens to me with cold till winter air as someone mentioned, and it also generally precedes 3-4 days of terrible seasonal depression by 1 week >_> Fall -> Winter and Winter -> Spring cause me to become extraordinarily depressed for about 3 days for some reason. I think the change in sunlight affects my hormones, maybe causing me to become extremely happy, and then the next week it swings the opposite way before balancing out. Unfortunately this happened to me last week while I was reading "The Hunger Games" >_> What a terrible coincidence. Oh I also got super happy once all the ladies on campus decided it was time for short-shorts and loose fitting floral shirts :3 Edit: Oh and this http://songsweheardinilomilo.bandcamp.com/
  2. Mother of god that's amazing... By step 6 I was thinking "Dude! Spirochetes!" Hidden Content: And by step 10 I was thinking "Microscopic view of Velcro!" Overall very impressive tutorial with many many applications beyond what you listed. The hair you made made my jaw drop and the textured wood dislocated my jaw entirely
  3. I don't mean to Hijack, but I have an idea to improve this (I can't test it though because I'm at school). My thought is to: Duplicate wall layer Adjustments -> Black/White Set to "Overlay" Place text between Duplicated Wall and the Background Wall Adjust Brightness/Contrast on Background Wall to Darken it back down to a a regular appearance Don't adjust transparency (unless maybe going for a worn look?) My thought is that this would make it look like you've covered the wall in paint, but the Overlay layer will still give the illusion of the cracks/lighting on the wall so it looks natural. But it might be difficult to keep the brightness normal. Setting that Upper layer to "Overlay" will definitely make the Background layer very bright. Maybe this is overkill though, I'm looking at all the other pictures following your steps and I'm quite impressed
  4. Ooooh that's nice to know I noticed that it did the little "click animation" whenever I pressed it, but I never saw it do anything no matter where I clicked. I didn't think of the thumbnail though
  5. Similar to how Minecraft allows you to select the block your cursor is over via middle mouse click, wouldn't it be intuitive to make the eye dropper/color selector bound to the middle mouse button? As far as I can tell, a middle mouse click does nothing in PDN right now and when I tested to see if this feature was already implemented, it just felt right to me. So I say follow in Notch's footsteps with the middle mouse button, afterall he himself advocated PDN on his blog for creating games
  6. I think he means a bit like this Yellowman is on the right path. Basically it's just a green background, but where FredFredBurger "sticks outside the canvass" is really just a transparent background instead of green
  7. I never cared for Apple, but I was rooting for them to put MS on their heels. Let's face it, MS kinda blows chunks when it comes to getting on users' good sides. I'm hoping Apple continues it's trend to either put MS outta business, or more hopefully, make MS realize they need to make a turn around. I never liked Apple's practices as a business, but there's no refuting they have solid, well designed and programmed products. I believe they're products are the epitome of what a product should be. However I completely disagree with the pricing scheme, the excessive patents on basically everything about them, the "planned stylized obsolescence" (as I call it. Meaning they come out with a new product every year to put last years model "out of style"), restrictions on OS installation, payment plans toward artists in iTunes, and so on. They're products are great, easy to use, user friendly, reliable, functional, and safe. That "planned stylized obsolescence" isn't functional obsolescence. My iPod works after 3 years of use. It's only a way to get people to constantly buy their stuff. From a business perspective, their geniuses. Or the consumers are brain dead. I'm still debating as to which it is. In anycase...I'm a little sad to see Steve go. There's no denying he had brilliance.
  8. This I think helps more than wiki. It says .ogg is a file type that encapsulates raw video and/or audio data. I've tried to learn about this stuff before, and came across 'encapsulate' but I'm still not 100% sure on the point of it. Part of the issue is that I don't really know much about how codecs and other things are used. I sorta get that a filetype that encapsulates data is really just a 'container' for the data, not exactly a codec which encodes/decodes the data (as far as I understand it. My terminology may be waaay off). Idk if this answers your first question. I don't know any advantages between RAW filetypes for PDN (because I don't know of any) and I don't know the purpose to RAW images. I get that it's 100% of all the data from the actual image capture, but how is that different between .png?
  9. Oh alright. So it's more of a failure for HSV to accurately express the RGB color selected, rather than a failure of HSV to correctly choose the RGB color you selected.
  10. That sounds like a bug to me. Intentional, perhaps, but I don't think it's really acceptable to let colors you select be changed due to rounding tips while converting.
  11. Those are nifty ideas O-o I don't personally care for the "move the color picker to the color box" though. I don't hate the idea, I just don't think it would ever make much of a difference to me. In addition to the "average of an area", I think it might be useful in that case to be able to zoom in on the color wheel so you can get a bit more accuracy. I'm not talking 1000% view, not even 200%. Something like 110-120% to make an easier distinction on the gradient
  12. It's usually a good policy for forum/website managers not to delete threads. I'm not 100% sure on the exact reasons, but it's generally because you never know when it will be needed in the future. I've had the responsibility of handling a sub forum once, and the one thread I deleted came back to bite me in the butt. There's usually an "Archive" forum though, that you can't see. It's the equivalent of a TrashCan in Windows, where you "delete" things, but it's really just moved to a different folder out of sight. As for why they don't move/merge threads...they're lazy But really they're lazy because it's not exactly their job to merge threads. It's nice when they do, but it's rather annoying for them to search through all your topics to find your thread, then merge the two. Ultimately it should be our responsibility to keep track of our own threads, like in the Pictorium, so it, again, comes back to "it's not exactly their job" I'd assume there's an archive sub forum here though. Of course none of us regulars can see it, if it does exist, but there should be one
  13. .zip's compress the files therein last I understood it, so it makes the download smaller and therefore quicker. I do understand what you're saying though.
  14. Ooooh I see the difference now. I was thinking you could use the freeform tool to make irregular polygons, but he still wants the functionality of lines being able to be bent and still straight. I gotchya
  15. In 4.0? Yes...I know...I just replied with "Yay!" to him saying it's an option. I heard that it was coming back, but I feared it wouldn't have an option because last I remember Paint.NET having it, I wasn't a big fan of dancing ants. I don't mind giving it another try in 4.0 Perhaps I'll like it again, and if not I'll disable it. That was the gist of what I posted
  16. I don't know anything about it, but I'd assume that if it's been 'banned' as you say, Rick (the creator) had something to do with it being 'banned' which would likely mean it is now 'impossible' to do. That's an assumption though, I haven't heard anything about this ever before.
  17. Fine fine. But you know we love to see you show off your programming prowess
  18. Oooh yay! Personally I never liked dancing ants. It was always distracting me from the image :l Who knows, maybe I'll like it once I see it again though
  19. Wait, what? What about the irregular polygonal tool? It's right next to the line tool and other elipse, rectangle, rounded rectangle tools. Am I thinking of something completely different? The other two things are impossible though. Once placed on an image they can no longer be edited :l Here's a nifty trick though. While you're adjust your line, press 'Ctrl' to hide those squares. This can help give you a better idea of what the line will look like on your image. You can't edit the line with those squares gone though. To bring them back, press Ctrl again.
  20. Holy complex UI O-o That's scary to look at lol
  21. pdnnoob, that was established. However the suggestion was to have the dialogue box that controls quality appear before the Windows "Save as" prompt asks for a filename/destination. That way you could discover the file size before choosing a filename and destination
  22. Lol I know, make something up. Envision rick in your mind, and use that as rick *cough arnold schwartzenager*
  23. I taught myself to program my TI-83+ It's really simple and can be really helpful. e.g. I built programs to solve math/physics problems for me. I enjoyed it a lot so I did it very very often. I enjoyed building the programs so much that by building the program, I would memorize the equations I was dealing with and my school grades jumped. It was like studying without even realizing it. It's not going to exactly help you big time with things like C#, but it will make the transition easier. I learned a lot of things from my TI. If you go crazy like I did, you'll learn a bit about different data types (difference between strings and integers) as well as very clever/cheap ways to solve problems more efficiently. You'll get a better understanding as to how games work. A great example is platform games. Everything you see is on the screen, so you have to tell the screen to display pixels everywhere you want. Psuedo code (code in sentences basically) would be Pixel on = 2,4 Pixel on = 2,5 Pixel on = 2,6 That would draw a 3 pixel line left/right. Each number, '2,4' represents y/x coordinates on the screen (its y/x not x/y in programming because of how the screen refreshes itself I believe) So after you build your mario and mario world 1-1, how do you move him? Your first instinct is to say "Well adjust all the 'Pixel on' coordinates to increase by 1 in the X direction!" And sure enough you're mario will walk off screen probably throwing a "out of bounds" error (meaning you tried to draw something where the screen dosnt exist) and the world won't move at all. Then you think "Huh. That's nothing like the real mario game...Oh, duh! Mario doesn't move at all! The world moves around him" And sure enough, if you make the world move left, it looks like mario walks right and vice versa. It's nifty and odd little things like this that you'll learn that definitely make programming easier to embrace. If you don't go that path, you at least get a better appreciation for games and programs. I certainly do.
  24. Is there a tutorial for this? I've seen it somewhere else I think and I really like it. Tried to duplicate once but failed miserably >_> As a request since you asked me for one, I'd like to see rick (muscles bursting at the seams) riding a unicorn. Make it happen.
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