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I have a image creating/color printing project of a Souvenir Journal coming up in the next few months. I've been using regular Paint, MS Publisher and Word; however I want to knock this puppy out of the park and up to the next level beyond my viewers/customers highest expectations by using Paint.net one project page at a time, you dig? But, first I must learn how to "Fix A Damaged Photo"

The recommended Plug-Ins are:

  • Threshold by Ed Harvey
  • Alpha-Mask Tool by Simon Brown

A copy of the Photo Editing Tut is attached, or https://docs.google.com/View "Fix A Damaged Photo".

The step-by-step illustrations from Paint.net suggest using the following features, but I do not have them on my toolbar:

  1. Effects/Colour/"Threshold"
  2. Effects/Tools/"Alpha-Mask Tool"
  3. Effect/Noise/Median
  4. Effects/Noise/"Remove Noise"
  5. "new patch layer"
  6. Clone "Tool"

Question: How do I download these Plug-ins successfully, the first time, that will provide me these features so I can "Fix A Damaged Photo"?

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The Plugin Index holds a list of plugins if you want to search for them by name (link in my signature). Otherwise, http://searchpaint.net/ should find them for you.

Median and Remove Noise are not plugins, they are part of Paint.Net. As they are always installed, there is no need to search for them. A list of effects and adjustments that come built in to Paint.Net can be found here: http://forums.getpai...p?/topic/13783-

Post a link to your image in this thread. One of the forum users might come up with a specific solution for your damaged image. You never know...,

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