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Line tool plugin?

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I'm making a world map and my country borders are just simple black lined borders.. I want to make them artistic.. are there any effects I can do to make the lines thicker or add some kind of bluring effects etc etc? Maybe a plug in?I've attach files.. How can I make my black line more like the other one?



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There are a handful of tools you could use. First off, try the Effects > Blurs > Gaussian Blur with a radius of 3. This method assumes that you only have borders and solid colors on your canvas. If you have more elements on your canvas, you'll need to get creative with the selection tools to make sure you don't also blur them.

If you're able to select the borders (hint magic wand tool :MagicWandTool: + tolerance and hold down the SHIFT key when selecting) you can try pasting the borders into a new layer and blurring that layer independantly. I got a reasonable effect by then pressing F4 and setting the Blend mode to Color Burn and the opacity to 212


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