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  1. What kinda of effect or plugin will take a solid colored area and give that color some textured effects.. like the images ive attached. ukcolor.bmp
  2. Why does the drop shadow effect not work sometimes? I select the area I want to make a drop shadow of with the magic wand and go to Effects-Object-Drop Shawdow and set it up and click ok but nothing happens. What am I doing wrong maybe?
  3. How to make a line echo like the image attached? The shore waves.
  4. I'm making a world map and my country borders are just simple black lined borders.. I want to make them artistic.. are there any effects I can do to make the lines thicker or add some kind of bluring effects etc etc? Maybe a plug in?I've attach files.. How can I make my black line more like the other one?
  5. Thats it! I just downloaded it and tried.. works great! Thanks for the help!
  6. I want to fill areas just like you would with a color... the same way the Color Picker grabs a color and can be use to fill another area.. I want to grab a section of an image that has multi colors and fill an area of another image with that sampling of multi colors. How is this done? Thanks! I can attach files if needed
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