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Possum Roadkill

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Space Art Competition #10


THEME IS: Comets !

SAC Comp Rules:

All submissions must be created in Paint.net with the exception of renders and stock photos when allowed.

When they are allowed, obviously you cannot use the stocks or renders as your entire submission, so the majority of your image should be created in Paint.net.

When Theme Rules allow, you must post a link to any stocks, renders, images or parts of images you did not create in Paint.net,

i.e. fractals created in a fractal generator program or textures created in another program of any kind.

Minimum size is 800 X 600. There is no Maximum Size.

Special Rule #5. Do not anger the Possum.

Submission Rules

All images must be submitted to me in a PM.

Do no post your image in this thread !

Do not post your images in your gallery or any other gallery until this comp is over !

I will post your image in the poll, that is the only time your image should be seen before the voting begins.

Do not sign your image or put any kind of identifiable marker or logo in your image that people will link to you.

You may post your image on any other website where you are a member

(i.e. Deviant Art, PdN Fans Forum, Facebook or any other forum or website, just not on this website until the comp has concluded.

NO PLACEHOLDERS! Do not send an entry until it is a finished product. NO WIPS (works in progress) !

No images previously submitted will be allowed.

I reserve the right to add to the rules as people do things to annoy me. (See special rule # 5.)

THEME IS: Comets !

Theme rules: You are to make an image depicting one or more comets.

You may include planets and other space objects like moons, asteroids, planets, nebulae, possums etc.

You may use STOCKS AND/OR RENDERS ! You may also, use another program to create parts of your image i.e. Apophysis, Gimp, Incendia, Photoshop, etc.

The majority of your image should be made in Paint.net. The use of other programs should be limited to the creation of textures and minor elements of your image.

(Remember, Possum’s have a sixth sense about things like this, do don’t make me hunt you down.

So with that in mind, special rule #5 is in effect for this competition ).

This thread is for DISCUSSIONS only ! If you want to ENTER this comp, please go to the ENTRY thread.

The Entry period for this competition run through Friday evening December 3, 2010) at 8:00 p.m., Eastern Daylight Savings Time. All ENTRIES submitted up to that time will be accepted

Edited by Possum Roadkill

SAC, WOTW and Photo Manip Competition Host

To visit the Comps click HERE

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To creator of 3rd entry: tutorial on craters please! unless it's just a brush...you get negative vote from me if that's a brush :P jk

No, Paint.NET is not spyware...but, installing it is an IQ test. ~BoltBait

Blend modes are like the filling in your sandwich. It's the filling that can change your experience of the sandwich. ~Ego Eram Reputo

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i considered submitting this- but i figured that bring down the wrath of the possum on my head


Thanks ! Made me laugh out loud. What have you been feeding those deer?

Sorry everyone, I'm sick right now but I'll be back in a day or so to get things back on track.


SAC, WOTW and Photo Manip Competition Host

To visit the Comps click HERE

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Winners are !

Tie for 1st place

Entry 3 Heat Stroke 6 votes


Entry 5 Yellowman 6 votes


2nd Place

Entry 4 Possum Roadkill 4 votes


Tie for 3rd Place

Entry 1 dug 2 votes


Entry 2 Mountnman 2 votes


Thanks to everyone who entered! Beautiful entries ! Thanks to everyone who voted ! Your votes are greatly appreciated !


SAC, WOTW and Photo Manip Competition Host

To visit the Comps click HERE

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Thanks to everyone who has entered the SAC over these past weeks, it's been really a lot of fun.

The SAC is now going on a vacation for a few weeks and will be combined into the WOTW until sometime after the first of the year

(and when my life slows down and becomes a little less complicated). It will return sometime in the future and rotate from time to

time with the Photo Manipulation comp.


SAC, WOTW and Photo Manip Competition Host

To visit the Comps click HERE

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