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Rulers : moving the zero

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Hi everyone,

I am new here, but a frequent user of Paint.net and as I was searching the Help I don't seem to find what I'm looking for. May be because the English terms I use are not proper (I'm not native English speaker).

Question is : I am using Paint.Net to move furniture on the map of my future house. How can I set the Zero of the ruler on the corner of a room for example, then anywhere else ?

Thanks for help.

Meanwhile, I'll look for another help and may be post another question!

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Workaround - paste the ruler into its own layer and move the layer around to measure stuff.


Do a screenshot of Paint.Net and your image at 100% zoom, including the ruler. Paste this screenshot into a new image. Select just the ruler and then invert the selection with CTRL I. Press delete.

Now you have the ruler isolated on a transparent layer in a separate image. Select all with CTRL A and copy with CTRL C. Return to your original image and paste the ruler into a new layer.

Using the move tool :MoveTool: you can reposition the ruler anywhere over your image and read off the length.

Does that help?

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