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I'm new to this site and also semi-new to the world of hosting a site.

I was asked to see if I could run a web site for my friend and so far with a lot of help, it's tunring out ok, but the owner

keeps wanting new stuff.

I looked in the "Newbie Playground" and didn't see what I was looking for, so hopefully this isn't a question that I over-looked.

I want to make a new Title banner with a transparent background. But there will be no images, just fonts.

Example, if I want to make a banner, say, 800 x 150 and all I want to be seen is the wording: Bruce69Camaro

how would I do that?

One guy said all I need to do is save it as a "gif" file, but when I did that, it still had a white background.

Any help would be appreciated.

thank you


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Open a new file with 800x150 canvas.

Press Ctrl + A

Press Delete.

Add text.

Save as GIF or PNG.


Transparency is indicated by the gray-and-white checkerboard.

The checkerboard is not part of the actual image.

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The reason that Sarkut recommended GIF or PNG file formats is that these support transparency. JPG or BMP do not for example.

If you're specifically creating images for the web, then file size is always a major consideration. To make the size of your image as small as possible (reducing download time) try these tips:

1. Trim the image to the actual size you need to display. As you image is text and transparency, you're probably going to have a fair amount of whitespace in an 800x150 image. Select the critical area of your image and press CTRL SHIFT X to crop to that area. Hint: You can fine-tune the selection by using the Move Selection tool pdn35icons.MoveSelectionToolIcon.png before cropping.

2. Download and install the OptiPNG plugin. This gives you a new option (optimized PNG) in the filetypes of the Save/Save As..., dialogs. Selecting the Optimized PNG filetype will run a compression routine over the image before saving, resulting in a much smaller image.

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