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Colourblind simulation

n d

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Hi, this time I'm helping everyone make their images legible for the colourblind.

If you're doing webpage design, or something similar where accessibility is important, you'll want to make sure that any critical elements of your webpage or other application are clearly visible for the colourblind.

This effect simulates colourblindness, so you can see how your image looks in the eyes of a colourblind person. It currently only supports red/green colourblindness, but I intend to add more colourblindness types in the future. Red/green colourblindness is the most common form though, blue/yellow colourblindness is like 100 times rarer or so...

Usage is simple, 3 options:

Protanope - simulates protanope type colourblindness where red cone cells are dysfunctional
Deuteranope - simulates deuteranope type colourblindness where green cone cells are dysfunctional
General red/green - a general purpose red/green blindness simulation, just sets both red & green into an average of red & green



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Now that's a useful tool! I'm definitely adding this to my web development toolbox. Thank you nd.

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  • 3 years later...

The author of this plugin hasn't been on the forum for three years.  


I'll look into supplying a replacement attachment later today.

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Zipped dll added to the first post.


Remember that this is found under the Adjustments menu

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