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  1. I'm getting strange behavior. At first it looks like the plugin isn't working at all, but selecting Shadow Only changes the object to a transparent black. The attached png image has the original image next to a copy that has the Object Shadow filter run with the default settings and Shadow Only. I'm running the store version 4.2.14.
  2. I have a label image in a layer above a bottle image. I'd like the label to appear to wrap around the bottle so that the sides of the label disappear behind the bottle. I have seen old similar questions that suggest using the Shapes 3D effect, but that no longer seems to be available. What is the best way to do this?
  3. Sorry for the slow response. I had already finished my last project and it could be some time before I have another. I'll be back after trying safe mode, but I do not know when.
  4. I've recently moved to a computer with better specs which was updated to Windows 10 Creators edition. On my old computer I was able to have several big Paint.net files open simultaneously while running several other programs, without Paint.net issues. On the new computer with one Paint.net file open and many fewer other programs running and with about 1/3rd less plugins, Paint.net starts out snappy but slows down quickly. A fresh reboot provides more Paint.net running time than closing and restarting Paint.net. File saves are very slow at all times. That is especially surprising s
  5. Thanks Yellowman. That did the trick. There was one part of the directions that I had difficulty with, but I was able to find a suitable workaround. However, I'd sure like to know how to follow the directions. Here's the part that gave me difficulty: "Use the Magic Wand with Global option ... select the black area, then Invert Selection." The part that I couldn't figure out was Invert Selection. I tried Invert ("xor") in the Selection Mode dropdown both before and after selecting. That didn't change anything. What am I doing wrong?
  6. I've been trying to emulate a text effect created by Cool Text logos. I'm after a watery feel and was able to get close by choosing the Chrome One effect with The Boomerang italic font. (To duplicate you can find the font under the Script or Brush category). Here's what it looks like: I've tried different ways of using the metallic effect with no luck. Any suggestions on how to approximate the effect would really be appreciated.
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