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[/img]Hey guys made4speed2 here and don't flame on any of my gfx because im only 14 and just got started not too long ago. But I do want you guys to tell me what i can change or tutorials for me to help me out and give me some leadway. so to start off heres my first signature...(for myself)


Now for my second picture it is one I made today and was really asking for some criticism, not enough to be a jerk though.


And now this one was for a clan that me and my friends made for fun and I decided lets make this for fun. Btw my psn is- made4speed2

you can also reach me there.


Thanks guy, and have fun posting. boltbait.hmm.pngboltbait.beer.pngboltbait.big_smile.pngboltbait.lol.pngboltbait.mad.pngboltbait.mrblue.pngboltbait.mrcyan.pngboltbait.mrgreen.pngboltbait.mrred.pngboltbait.mrviolet.pngboltbait.neutral.pngboltbait.pizza.pngboltbait.roll.pngboltbait.smile.pngboltbait.cool.pngbubblerevolution.sad.pngboltbait.tongue.pngboltbait.wink.pngboltbait.yikes.pngbubblerevolution.00.pngbubblerevolution.aagh.pngbubblerevolution.bertie.pngbubblerevolution.bigeyes.pngbubblerevolution.biggrin.pngbubblerevolution.black.pngbubblerevolution.blank.pngbubblerevolution.boo.pngbubblerevolution.bracket.pngbubblerevolution.closed.pngbubblerevolution.cry.pngbubblerevolution.cyborg.pngbubblerevolution.cyclops.pngbubblerevolution.demon.pngbubblerevolution.devlish.pngbubblerevolution.doh.pngbubblerevolution.E.pngbubblerevolution.evillaugh.pngbubblerevolution.fear.pngbubblerevolution.glum.pngbubblerevolution.greengrin.pngbubblerevolution.grin.pngbubblerevolution.grinneh.pngbubblerevolution.happeh.pngbubblerevolution.imhappehtoo.pngbubblerevolution.jark.png !!!!NEW PIC!!!! Made this new one today holla what you think.


Edited by made4speed2


Made4speed2 on photobucket...a lot more pics....


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#1 - Unreadable, but i like the style.

#2 - Too much noise. Otherwise, cool.

#3 - VERY cool. How did you get the smokey effect?

Keep on working on your GFX. Mine sucked when i started. Yours don't suck, but improvement is always possible.

Edited by supersoni183
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1. Unreadable. Good color scheme. Potentially could have been great if I could read the text.

2. Way too noisy. WAY.

3. Colors are too contrasting, other than that nice concept.

Overall, either too much in-your-face or just outstanding (literally) color choices.

Work on your colors and less effects, and you have great potential.

Remember, sometimes, more is less.

And the 'Made4SpeedGfx' at the bottom-right of your second piece doesn't work at all. Try lowering the opacity.

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