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100% quality at jpeg saving

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what does "100% quality" actually mean, when you save the picture as jpeg? will every pixel contain exactly the same color value as before? but somehow it doesn't seem to be this way, since when trying it out some colors actually changed :?

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my understanding is that reducing the quality (that is, less than 100%) decreases the palette information (colors available to the image), beginning with the least often occuring colors (or colors that don't appear at all). Usually if you save an image as 85+% you should notice very little or no change at all (although you may notice change if you magnify and examine the pixels of the image).

hope that helps...if someone else can explain it better, go for it!

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Sorry, but the jpeg format implemented in Paint.net is not lossless--even at 100% quality.
ok, thanks :D

(it'd still be interesting to know what 100% expresses now, if it doesn't mean "100% of the color information is saved", even though boltbait's answer is sufficent for me atm :wink: )

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