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  1. Ya, I routinely gausin(sp?) the edges too, and one time I was doing snow and it came out looking like an avalanche -_-. Now whenever I have to do this, I use PhotoPlus, a plugin for PDN would be great
  2. I reccomend saving in PNG format if you want the best quality, it saves it almost exactly pixel by pixel.
  3. PDN will never, ever, be an animated GIF maker, as stated numerous times throughout the forums
  4. I turned on alpha blending and it worked. Thanks!
  5. Ok, I read the FAQ, and still can't find anything on this. Whenever I use the paintbrush tool, it is not a solid color, it's like a dirty color. Like if I try to paint something blue, it comes out with like gray/black/blue paint. I have the setting on solid brush. Is this normal behavior?
  6. Your welcome, that's pretty much the standard for saving anything on a PC:)
  7. When you hit save as, click on My documents in the right hand column then double click on the my pictures folder in the main section and then it save. Hope that clears that up!
  8. It's going to be pretty hard to color without having some basic experience. I reccomend playing around with some features of PDN (that's how I learned) and then reading the coloring threads that you say are too advanced. It might take some time, but it will be very rewarding, PDN is a great program!
  9. Could someone make a plugin and/or tut for an effect similar to the lines on these? I've tried for some time but can't seem to find anything... Thanks! (Note: Credit for images goes to Katzchen)
  10. I put my font plug-in in the filetypes folder and I can't open it...
  11. Yes IF you put it in C:/WINDOWS/Fonts can you use them in PDN?
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