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Guide Lines

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There is one Photoshop feature that I really miss in Paint.NET, guide lines. In Photoshop you can drag guide lines out from the ruler to help the crop tool to snap to a precise area. Guide lines are also useful for aligning selections that you are trying to drag into place. I don't think that guide lines are a difficult feature to implement so I hope the developers will consider adding guide lines to Paint.NET.

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You can always add your guide lines on a separate layer above the one you are working on. Then when you are done just hide or delete the layer. I know what you mean though. Doing it this way in PDN still doesn`t address the problem of being able to snap selections into place.



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I don't think

Exactly. :D

that guide lines are a difficult feature to implement

Rick's not gonna like reading that. :roll:

Unless you have an intimate knowledge of the Paint.NET code base AND your name is Rick Brewster, don't presume to know how difficult a feature would be to implement. Seriously.

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I am a programmer myself. I bet I could add guide lines ...

Nobody said you couldn't. Nobody said I couldn't, either, although you do seem to be looking for an excuse at machismo.

... to a simple graphics program.

There is more to adding a feature than just the lines of code you barf out in a weekend that implement it. Simplicity and complexity, in software development anyway, is hardly a one-dimensional property.

Oh snap!

Oh snap, indeed. user banned

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