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GC's Gallery Minor Update - May 25th


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I am getting a copy of Photoshop Elements 7 with my Wacom Bamboo Pen + Touch. What are PSE7's capabilites?

Hallo guys and gals, my name is Gordon "Craig" McGreghor. but just call be GC boltbait.smile.png i've been looking for a free graphic program, and after some research i found Paint.NET which have brought me a lot of Fun boltbait.smile.png

I've been looking trough the forum for a bit time (since last november) and now i finally made a Account so i can show off abit of my work. hope you like it...

i want to keep my personal gallery nice and clean, so i'll only post my new pieces and delete the old ones.

Larger "Misc" Art Work:

Hidden Content:




Retouched Photos:

Hidden Content:


feel free to leave a comment, CnC are allways nice. If you want to know anything about me just throw in a comment or a PM boltbait.smile.png

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Thanks i've found it boltbait.smile.png

Just a Render, Feel free to use it.


I'll be posting various renders in my gallery which i'll use in my artwork.

Ifind it very quick and easy to render stuff in Paint.Net.

so if you want a piece rendered just PM me the Image and ill post the final render in my Gallery :)

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