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Using the application as a non-admin user?

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We are looking at using the Paint.NET app for one of our users, as a replacement to PSP for a user that merely needs to update a variety of image types from time to time. However, we do not allow users administrator access to their desktops. I understand there is an install issue requiring an administrator to logon for installation, but I needed to clarify whether this is the only time that admin access to the workstation is required?

In other words, are there any registry mods/other mods that the user will get errors about when using the app?

Um.. hope that makes sense. And thanks in advance :)

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The user account will always have file system access to a directory that applications are told is "the desktop."

Whether or not the shell is configured to actually show the desktop itself is another matter.

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On our work computers, the directory that applications are told is "The Desktop" is an inaccessible network drive that is essentially a bottomless pit. Woe betide anyone who saves something and tries to get it back later; save it to your network folder or lose it forever.


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