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Cool Abstract Background Texture

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First of all, Spare me if i dont do this right because this is my first tutorial


Alrighty, In this tutorial ill be teaching you how to make Something similar to this.


Pretty Neat huh?

Well Heres How it goes.

Oh and before we start the only plugins you will need is the Random Maze Plugin Found in madjik's Plugin Pack.

Ok Step One:

Start with a canvas Size (doesn't really matter what size i used 425x150)

Fill your background layer with Black


(I didn't really need a picture here but i figured what the heck.)

Step Two:

Make a new layer :AddNewLayer: .

Set Your Primary color to any color really (Darker colors seem to work better in my opinion.)

Then Run Random Maze 2 ( Effects->Render->Random Maze 2)


You can Mess with the settings to try to make a different effect but these are the settings i use.

Step Three:

Set Primary color to a different color, use a lighter color then before.

Run Random Maze 2 again with the same settings as before.

Now you should have some along the lines of this.


Step Four:

Probably the most important step in the whole process.

Run A Fragment Blur, ( Effects->Blurs->Fragment) like so


For The Fragment Count, you can mess with the number but dont go above 20.

You can ajust the Rotation although it doesn't change much.

Dont mess with the Distance leave it how it is.

Now you should get something like this.


Step Five:

Now Sharpen the image like show below :Sharpen: . ( Effects->Photo->Sharpen)


Step Six:

Next, Add a glow :Glow: .


Your going to have to tinker (yes, tinker) with the settings untill you get the disired effect you want, you dont want the glow to be to bright though because you will be repeating this step a couple times.

Step Seven: Repeat steps 5 & 6 2-4 times untill the effect looks good.

Some outcomes i got real quickly,



Messing with Different colors ^^


Messing with Colors and a transparent gradient ^^


One of my Better outcomes ^^ :D

Alright well i hope you enjoyed my first tutorial

If you have any question feel free to ask.

Mayor McSteeze

Please post your results on the thread so i can see them.

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I like the outcome. I changed it up a bit...

At the end I duplicated the layer with the texture on it and did edge detect. Then changed the layer opacity a bit lower so I could see the texure. It makes what looks like little circles in the texture. ^-^

Edited by magmaman498

So im building my mini city and I just started. Its on my mini city.com. Here the link to mine! I really appreciate it!http://my-oldcountry.myminicity.com

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Great Tut!

I made 2 of them; 1 following all the rules exactly and another fiddling around.

The second one I changed the background color to a purple- blueish color. When I used maze I used Cell size x= 30. Cell size y= 16. % Chance for a wall= 71.57. And I upped the brush width to 6. (I used an ivory-white color) Then when I used the second maze, I used a color lighter than the background color with the cell sizes and wall % reset. Brush width 3.

The fragment count didn't change but I used 63 distance.

Sharpened it to 20 once, then softened. I changed the radius to 3. (Brightness and contrast stay the same...)

Merged the layer down, added another. Played around with Moire. (I used a blueish color, offsetted it to the upper left hand corner.) I thought about adding some polar inversion but the middle of it looked wrong and the vortex effect didn't go well with the lines. (Might try to ease up on the lines in another try and go for polar inversion, add some Mandelbrot Fractal too)

Lastly I changed the Saturation to 57. I though the darker look was prettier.

Amateur for life, eh?

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Wow kitty_love sounds kinda crazy im not going to lie!

Do you think you could post the images on here so i can see your results?

Sure :)

This one is the one that follows the steps EXACTLY in your tut: http://kittyparadox.deviantart.com/art/ ... -157068270

This one is the one that I changed up: http://kittyparadox.deviantart.com/art/PDN-2-157265870

The second one doesn't look like I changed a lot, but it took me a long time to figure out what zoom on Alpha for Moire I should use >.<

Amateur for life, eh?

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