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  1. Have you never seen a double rainbow before...? I seen at least 20
  2. 10/10 It's great, nice flow, I like how the text isn't distracting from the render Rate El Actual
  3. Well, I was just wondering... instead of having to scroll through all those "Glassy object" and "Planetscape" tutorials to look for a signature tut, why not just have a sub-forum (Or whatever it's called) just for signatures? Sorry if this has already been posted.
  4. I use Google Chrome with a Super Mario Bros. Theme
  5. Chrisco - 1 csm - 0 The Booth could use some more perspective, i.e. the telephone. Both great signatures
  6. One day I was working on a clock, when lightning struck me, causing me to fuse with the clock (Insert maniac laugh here). Then, I roamed the streets of London terrorizing people, when I finally decided to join the police force. I was really bored one day, so I was thinking of Clocks... I freaking love clocks. I had just gotten a PlayStation3, so I was thinking of a username. I decided to use Clockwork something... I thought of Clockwork Angel, but it sounded to girly. So, I stuck with ClockworkDemon. And I liked it. A lot One of them is real, you can choose
  7. I loved that game, and it's Tyrael But, the wings shouldn't line up against his spine. They should come from a midpoint. And, you could do more for his right arm. Overall, I liked it
  8. I love it I added glass blocks somewhere in there..... I liked the look of it. New favorite signature. I hope my text didn't mess it up.
  9. I'm pretty sure it is inside of a museum (as in it's made out of clay), but I guess this is a family forum.
  10. First Pixel Art image I've ever done... What do you guys think? (To be completely honest... This was going to be a bottle. LOL) EDIT: Awesome, anybody? (I did use a referral image...Geez, do you think I have that memorized in my head?!) But, yeah.... It's kind of hard to get those thick lines with only 1px pencil >.>
  11. Kaddl.... Those are aweshum!!! O: Really nice effect, I liked the outcome. I mixed it a little with hexagrid... It was interesting.
  12. I also read something about Zombies.... Do they pose a threat for l33tness?
  13. Does this mean I should be scared when I go hiking in Colorado in a couple of weeks?
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