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Paint.net is awesome

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As you have managed to put together a program that loads far quicker than photoshop, and lets me edit every picture file format used with unreal engine with all the same or similar effects to photoshop I will not be installing photoshop on my recently bought machine.

Well done :lol::D:):D:lol: ,

BIG thumbs up to all the paint.net team your work is fantastic!


suggestion for paint.net;

now to make paint.net perfect make a lasso tool and keep the program free :wink: and I'll put a link to you on my new cybersite.


The icon editor plugin also enables me to make icons without having to use microanglo which means you've got rid of 2 programs from my setup which is fantastic!

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I hope it was a joke about that part......Magic eraser in photoshop is basically a little binding, could easily be used as an effect, or a tiny modification of a tool.

It is like a magic wand, but deletes it automatically. But then again, you can always magic wand, then press Delete.

The only addition I would like is to have subtractions available to selected areas, they help make interesting shapes, and are cool....Also, I would like to request if possible, a way to change the key assignments...

Like I just think wand and lasso shouldn't be under S.

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