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  1. don't you mean Alt + F4. If not i don't know what your talking about -kingben2004
  2. i went to google and translated it for you all: Consult the end of this message for more details on the call of debugging Juste-with-time (JIT) in the place of this dialog box. ************** Text of the exception ************** System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Impossible to find the file “C:\Documents and Settings\XXX\Local Settings \ temp \ PdnSetup \ PaintDotNet.msiâ€
  3. I was drawing a circle and it kept not adding 2 pixels on size 24 x 24 circle -kingben2004
  4. ah i see. my way works for paint.net though doesn't it?? -wildsims
  5. i've never heard of that ! can you explain or give a tutorial on how to do watermark with it. -wildsims
  6. heres a way to do it in paint.net just for you trickman this is done in 3.0 it will work in 2.7 as well though 1. open the image in paint.net 2. Go to Adjustments > Brightness / Contrast 3. Put contrast to 100 and brightness to -100 4. Select magic wand and hols shift and click on the white part of the image. 5. press delete button on keyboard 6. Select magic wand and hols shift and click on the transparent part of the image. 7. Select edit > invert selection or ctrl + i 8. copy selection 9. paste selection on to a new layer on the image you want the watermark on. 10. go to
  7. i know it wasnt really important but i thought you might just of wanted to know. -kingben2004
  8. The final release for IE7 is out now: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/def ... g_ID=10010 -kingben2004
  9. I think thats a good idea because then rick would not have to check email, forum ... for bug reports. He would be able to check just one place. This would mean bugs would be seen by him soon and maybe fixed sooner. -kingben2004 8)
  10. Same thing is being posted in the general section of the forum. Search before you create a new topic ( as i found out! ) This is also in the wrong catagory: good idea though! -kingben2004
  11. When no image is open the fill drop down menu stays white. This is also the same for some other drop downs depending on what tool was selected before all images closed. http://img238.imageshack.us/my.php?image=errorbi2.png -kingben2004 8)
  12. hes edited his post. when i looked it said something about needing to edit icons and if PDN could do that that would get rid of 2 programs. -kingben2004 8)
  13. heres the link to the topic thats got the animated cursor, icon editor and cursor editor. here Hope that helps -kingben2004 8)
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