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How to make plugin?


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Boltbait, I read in the first line of your page that "Most Paint.NET plugins are written in C#". So, I assume it is possible to write it in other languages (C++ flashes in my mind). But here the author's question reapears: "But how??"

Could you please post one more link with help in this direction? :roll:


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I don't understand how you are supposed to iterate? 


Once you have already made a dll, you can't save your updated plugin, because paint.net must be open to be using this, and the file is locked. So, every single time, you have to make a new name for the dll, close paint.net, and copy it??

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The next version of CodeLab will fix this issue. It will be out soon.

Great! A few additional minor problems I noticed: 


In the UI designer editing the 'max' field screws up the value in the 'default' field. 

The program shouldn't warn that the .cs file already exists when you save it if it knows that is the file you are editing.

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