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  1. Thanks for the tut... I love the one with the Brothers Lightning and Usain, from the family Bolt! Great idea go2x!!! my try... Eh... kinda weird isnt it?
  2. I was just going to ask that... Thanks! And Boltbait, could you please explain what does your actual plugin code does differently from the code used in the tutorial? For the same movimentation of the sliders, the output is different for those codes. Actually, the first slider does not work at all for the tutorial's code (duno what I did wrong, but after adding the if (selectionRegion.IsVisible(x, y)) from your actual code, it started working). But even with the addition of this and the other two extra lines from the actual code, the output is still different. Ow, and btw, thanks for the tut, and mostly for Codelab!!!
  3. Boltbait, I read in the first line of your page that "Most Paint.NET plugins are written in C#". So, I assume it is possible to write it in other languages (C++ flashes in my mind). But here the author's question reapears: "But how??" Could you please post one more link with help in this direction? Thanks!
  4. @Heat Stroke: Your pic is awesome, it gives a real sense of depth. I really liked it. I also would like to show off some sick skills, but I don't have any, so I'll just post this nice pic that is in my background right now: (Heh, that's the idea of this topic afterall, isn't it?) /*click image to full size*/ Got her pic on the web, removed people from the BG, wrote her name, then seismography->weave->median filter. I think this is a good example of how powerfull pdn is, because even though I loved the outcome, the process to achieve it was pretty simple and easy! The left side was left free for the "iconry".
  5. Well, first of all thanks for the tut!!! So here it goes: /*click image to full size*/ Note that I didn't want the nebula to be all over the image, so I created a new layer, filled it with a B&W gradient, copied it to the clipboard and used the alpha mask plugin to create transparency over some parts of the image but not over others, in a soft way. I liked this outcome. Thanks!!
  6. Nice tut, thanks! Doesn't it look like ?
  7. Hello. I've downloaded PDN in order to translate a game to portuguese. It was all going well, up to this three pictures: I've seen another translation where the guy just ignored the original font style, but I want to keep it. So far I've cut and pasted and streched individual letters or parts of letters from the original images and done this: wich is good enough (don't you think?) The problem is that the portuguese word for play is "Jogar", wich includes a J and a g that I can't make. I've tried, for instance, rotating and strechetching the r from credits in order to get a J, but the result is not good. I've tried writing it in Arial and using the outline effect, but the result is also noticeably different. So, I would appreciate any suggestions on how to make this J and g, or any other way to solve this problem.
  8. It is a campaign sponsored by Pelé to help kids with cancer. You buy those medals (there is one for each goal he scored) and give money to a specialized hospital in my city.
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