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  1. EDIT : This topic can be locked or deleted, I have fixed my problem Hey! I have a problem with my script. the OnSave method, even though only containing the following code, throws an error. Can anybody think of why? Protected Overrides Sub OnSave(ByVal input As Document, ByVal output As Stream, ByVal token As SaveConfigToken, ByVal scratchSurface As Surface, ByVal callback As ProgressEventHandler) Dim tk As TEXSaveConfigToken = DirectCast(token, TEXSaveConfigToken) Using renderArg As RenderArgs = New RenderArgs(New Surface(input.Size)) input.Render(renderArg, True) Dim b As System.Drawing.Bitmap = renderArg.Bitmap.Clone() Using w As System.IO.BinaryWriter = New System.IO.BinaryWriter(output) w.Write(0) End Using End Using End Sub
  2. Trying to figure out plugin making in PDN Beta

  3. Ah, Thanks! I'll be fine with drag'n'drop until it's fixed
  4. Hey! Whenever I copy an image from Firefox and paste it in Paint.NET it says "The clipboard doesn't contain an image". It really frustrates me because it works in Paint, Skype, and any other application, and worked before Paint.NET 4 (Weird, huh?).
  5. Could you give me a hand on using the built in UI? I had no clue this type was not allowed. Is there any tutorial around?
  6. So where can I put the code to show the dialog instead? So the user can cancel this.
  7. Hey! Is there a way to cancel the OnSave method so it doesn't write a null file? Or is there any other way to do this Dim SD As New SaveDialog SD.ShowDialog If SD.DialogResult = Ok Then LOG("Save the image") Else LOG("Cancelled but writes null file") LOG("Any way to stop that?") End if Before OnSave? Here is my save dialog btw
  8. Hey there, I have written my first plugin yesterday, and I have to say it is quite easy, Within minutes I had a working plugin I use Visual Basic 2010 Express Edition, and in C#/VB all you need to do is create a class library and do some simple things from there
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