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Well, let's see. Start by picking a president. By "asian", I'm assuming you mean "China, Japan and Korea". Now, since only China and Korea have esablished somewhat-republic governments, choose a president from one of those countries: Korea and China. Next, find a font that you would like to use. Dafont has a nice selection of "oriental"-looking (or so they say) fonts. If you start with these and choose a few, then go from there, we can help you further. :)

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IMO Red symbolizes power in that part of the globe.

And like Crimson said above Dafont has a nice selection of "oriental"-looking fonts.

I use them all the time

You might use IME (windows) かふぉんしぇま

Whatever you do don't make it like a bad tatoo.

Meaning use something in another language that makes absolutely no sense in any language.

Good ruck


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