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Multi Color Gradient Not Working In Version 3.5

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I have searched to see if anyone has posted about this, but I didn't find anything relevant. After downloading the new version of Paint.NET the Multi Color Gradient tool under Effects>Render will not produce any visible result. The window for this tool opens, and I can change the colors, angle, etc., but when I click on OK there is no visible change to the canvas. I tried deleting the plugin, and re downloading and installing it again, but the plugin still will not work. I had the same problem with the line/curve tool; the squares used to manipulate the line into a curve showed, but the line itself was invisible. Fortunately, this was temporary, and that tool is now working.

Can anyone give me a clue as to what I can do to fix this problem. I am considering deleting version 3.5 and reinstalling the earlier version in order to get back use of Multi Color Gradient. I have Windows Vista, and its updates are current.

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yes there is something wrong with that plugin. but I found this will make it work

transparent layer do the multi gradiant colors you want. it looks wrong just rainbowcolors across the picture. now stay on the same layer and under effects hit repeat multicolred gradiants. it will change to the one you just set. (control +f)

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I better check that out. but I think it works just a tad differently than this one. and in some instances this one is more flexible for different types of images.

but i certainly will do some more work with the other so I'm up to speed.

edit Simon not the same. check my cardboard tut out you will see the plugin he is speaking of.

as far as I can see Pyrochilds gradiant colors can not give square and round gradiants and doesn't have angle and alternate etc. unless I'm really not using it properly. ciao OMA

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David Atwell wrote an excellent tutorial on how to use Gradient Mapping to its full potential. It can do anything Multi-Color Gradient can, and then some. It's not always intuitive how to do some things, though.

fake edit: oh, but apparently it's in Legacy Tutorials which we no longer have access to.


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