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Patrick's Gallery【Updated 10.20.09】


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Can I just start off by saying that I like all of these pictures. I'm going to go through each picture here and rate it, ok?

The first signature, the purple one, is quite interesting. I believe you used dents to distort the arrows, right? The colours are quite good and nice use of brushes in the background.

the second signature with the burning text, is really nice, inventive use of Random Shape Fill for the fire wisp. The text looks like it is on fire, as I imagine it is supposed to. However, the American flag in the background has been stretched and distorted. You could have filled the empty space with a tiled flag or another symbol.

The third signature is the pyrosig. So I can't really comment. Good colours, nice font is all I can really say as you didn't come up with the idea for this style of signature.

The fourth signature contains interesting use of twist and the MOL plugin? The diagonal lines rendered over the entireity of the signature sort of distract the viewer from the point of view which I would assume is the center. The beackground was made with a tutorial I think so it's not really as good considering that's not really your work either.

The fifth signature was created using a tutorial, so again I can't comment.

The sixth signature using the Shadow render is really good. I like the Glow'y line and dots. The background is also really good including the writing on top of it. Not enough colour for me but each to their own opinion.

The seventh signature including Yoshi, now, the render could definitely use some feathering. Remember, feather is your friend. However, the background you created for this one is really interesting and so is the text that is on the signature.

I'll edit in the information about the avatars later.

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