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How to Download Zipped Plugins?

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I'm new to Paint.NET and I see a bunch of cool plugins around here. I've downloaded a few that are already in the .dll form, but most come in the .zip form. I have no clue how to unzip these... I really wish I did, there's some epic looking stuff out there! :D

Anyways, the question is how do I unzip the plugins and download them succesfuly?

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There are many ways to conquer this task of which you speak. To clarify it would help if you said what version of windows you are using. If you have windows vista it has its own built in unzipper that handles .zip extension files. If you have windows xp you will have to find a unzipper program. I suggest winrar but it has a 40 day free trial and you would have to purchase a license after the 40 days to continue using the program.

Here is a good start to find a program to unzip the plugins Click here!

After you unzip your files you must put them in the effects folder in your paint.net program files.

This is how you get to the program files for paint.net

Step 1

open my computer

step 2

click on local disk C:

step 3

click on program files

step 4

click on paint.net

step 5

click on the effects folder

To install the effect copy it to the effects folder.


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I'm pretty sure XP has the Windows Extraction wizard built in as well - every version of XP I've ever used has had it. Right-click on the ZIPped folder, and you should see "Extract All..." in the list there.

If you do have to go with a third-party archive management utility, I wholeheartedly second Sarkut's suggestion of 7-Zip - I've been using it for years, and it's brilliant. Nothing against WinRAR, of course, but 7-Zip is legally free forever, and it can handle decompression of a myriad of archive formats, including ZIP, GZIP, RAR, and TAR.

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