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  1. Sorry, but this HAS been done before, this is the same thing but with a worse outcome. Also, this also breaks a few rules.
  2. I'll definetly consider that Libby! Actually, I'll go do it soon.
  3. @ Csm: This is absurd. You really like his signature, which is just a render slapped onto a boring background, yet you HATE mine which actually took some work? That background is like 90% PDN. You have a really weird view on signatures... Next person rate Csm.
  4. Simple and beutiful. Only thing for me is that it's really bright. Solid 8.5/10
  5. Nice, I really like the way you stretched the text. It could use a little more of the 'splatter' I think, there seems to be a lot of empty space. 7/10
  6. Meh. It's really just a re-coloured render slapped onto a background. The text is okay though. Try using C4D's or brushes to help give it flow. Are you new at PDN? I see you only have 13 posts. If so, then thats not bad for a beginner. 5/10
  7. Check my gallery for my go at it, nice tutorial! I had been wanting to learn how to do this for ages, haha.
  8. I vote for bri, for originality. So I guess he wins. :o I'll enter with my current.
  9. 100% PDN? You've got to be freaking kidding me. Some of that stuff I would assume is real if I didn't know better!
  10. I LOVE the angels. Also, I dissagree with everyone else, lol. I like the first one better, but they're both amazing.
  11. I like it, just the goal posts are a little weird looking, angle wise. Rate:
  12. ^ I really like it! Just made this one for fun. Comments please.
  13. See bottom of front page for news. Check front page gallery for 1 new signature, 2 new spacescapes, and 3 new abstracts!
  14. Smudge and curves+ are making me crash. I have the latest version of PDN installed, aswell as the latest pack. What up?
  15. Thanks! Added some stars. Well, not space stars, but like star stars. XD
  16. Burn's sig is really just a background that had a render slapped onto it. Csm gets my vote, for creativity, atleast. Csm - 2 Burn- 1
  17. Hmm, I'm having trouble making planets blen in with the stars, and shading the planets when putting them into a pre-made starscape. Anyways, while I'm trying to figure that out, I did make a planet without any stars, just 'cause.
  18. New starscape. I think it might be a bit to clutterd. Thoughts?
  19. :o Thanks guys!! Shocky said I could be great, I can now die happy. XD And 0(-.-)0, thanks for the advice. Technically that was 100% PDN, the stars and moon were brushes. And thanks Winter. I know what you mean about the text, but I fiddled around with it on my last signature and just couldn't find a good place, since it's so dark. I'll use that tip in the future though.
  20. Don't know why, but I just don't like skullspliters sig for some reason. SkullSplitter - 1 0(-.-)0 - 1
  21. I think the face is waaaay over exposed. It looks like you took the paintbrush tool and put a big spot of white on it. Other than that it's pretty cool, I like how you fade and blur it away to the left. 6.5/10
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