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Clearly posting the Newest V of Paint.Net

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One of the major things I've noticed is that it is important to have the newest version of paint.net, but for newbies, that's not always obvious. I read the rules and looked in FAQs and didn't see it there. You can "search" for it, but that's unreliable as several might come up and may not actually include the newest one. Is there somewhere that clearly tells us which version is the newest & (that is updated regularly). It would help keep us from making silly mistakes that will probably inadvertantly irritate those who have been around awhile. (Maybe having it in the rules would help?) Thanks for reading. Hope this is in the right place to post this.

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When the current version was released, I was notified via PdN when I first opened it up. It said something like "There is a new version of Paint.net available, would you like to upgrade?" or something along the lines of that. So yeah, and if that doesn't work, go to Utilities => Check for updates (Make sure you go to the options tab and have Automatically check for new versions of Paint.net checked (You can check Also check for pre-release (beta) versions check if you desire))

Edit - [sarcasm] Darn you pyrochild! :cry: [/sarcasm]

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If you're on 3.36, then it probably won't tell you about anything newer because 3.5 is still in beta so it isn't being automatically offered to most users.

If you're not on 3.36, then maybe the updater got disabled. It's easy to re-enable it. [тωιѕт]'s directions are correct, although you may need to go to the Help menu to find Check for Updates. I moved it to "Utilities" for the upcoming (and still in beta) version 3.5.

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I added a link in that rule to the getpaint.net download site. Hopefully that will steer you in the right direction. :-)


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