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Hey great folks! I just wanted to share with you some of my work here. Although since two years am using Paint.Net, I am still a learner! Therefore, I would appreciate if you could give some constructive critics to what I will be presenting here in coming time!


1. Fighter plane: I enjoyed creating this especially because I had to use simple techniques like tilt, bulge, flip, etc to get the shape from a simple triangle and a simple fuselage!


2. Raindrop on my hips: wished I could be that pearl!


3. Wind: That Indian Beauty, gone with the wind!


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@ Ais: Thanks.. the idea of a pearl of water was blowing like the wind in my mind, and anytime i just realised it (alas) through Paint.Net on my birthday! :)

@barbieq25: You know, wind is something that drives me too! I actually was working on something driven by wind, but did not comeout as I thought it should have... will see if it becomes presentable anytime..

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