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blk & white wrapped around color

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ok, i did it, all i did was...

select The area you want to be cloler with the magic wand tool...

Than, use the "ctrl + i" shortcut, to inverse you selection to everything that you want to be black and white...

Than go to... Layers/ Adjustments / Black and White

and there you go!!!



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Ok, I will post a pic of me like 2 years ago, I was bored one day, so I did this, I will email you the PSD, make sure you have the PSD plugin for paint.net.

Basically, you use your magic wand, and adjust tolerance a lot. You will get some places where it isnt filled in, use the clone stamp for that.

Keep making seperate layers, but first, what you do is you select the colored part of your shirt, for instance, and then copy that, make a new layer, and paste it.

Do the same with other objects, all on new layers.

I used a thumbnail because my camera has a really high resolution.

If you need more detailed instructions, please contact me at doctorburcal@gmail.com


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