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  1. Here's something that I made based on a dream. Of course my dream version is way better XD I dreamt that I forced a moon-like asteroid from crashing into a planet and repelling it back the way it came from, then later looking inside of the holes on the side of a game machine (like the pinball ones you see at like Chuck-E-Cheese's) and then seeing this awesome blue flame thingy (with solar flares like from the sun) and it had hundreds of moon-like planets circling it because of gravity. I thought the one I repelled came from there XD Well, this is my crappy version of that image, so enjoy X_x
  2. I agree with Lionhearted. That's like one of the most awesomest pictures I've seen ^^ Just another abstract image that I made:
  3. Just some abstract thing I wanted to do. I'm always attracted to colors when it comes to any abstract image.
  4. I created this using the space tutorials put together. I was too lazy to make it look realistic though. But at least I actually put more effort into combining my work into one image, yayz!
  5. Cool tutorial! ^^ I'll try this out. The red one you made looks a little blurry to me in my opinion, but eh, it's awesome anyways :3 Edit: This is what I made: Asplode! :O
  6. lol nice bubbles I could use these when I feel like bubbling x)
  7. Wow, awesome! I especially like the glassy part most of all. What I did: Umm, it was meant to be a rose -_- But I guess I pixelized it too large? Ah, oh well.
  8. Awesome! I never made animations before, but now I can Thanks!
  9. There's a tutorial on having a colored object in a Black and White image. http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=1263
  10. Oh, okay then. Thanks! P.S. 1800 posts - wow! :shock:
  11. I was just wondering, is there any way to delete one of the things you have done in the past? If I click on it to get it undone, all the other history I've made rewinds up to the certain one I'm trying to delete. Um, is there any way to just delete one of them from earlier? :oops: Thanks.
  12. Oops. I didn't really exactly know what Alpha Blending is, I just know that it's something about transparency.
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